What if i have an urgent AOG situation, will you work the unit to completion?

Yes, if the Aircraft is on the ground or you have a particular urgent requirement, we will work the unit to completion. As long as all of the required parts are in stock we will get the unit to you as fast and as safely as possible.

We have specific operational requirements for some of our components to be tested to, how do you accomodate this?

Our approvals allow us to adopt operators specific procedures if required.  For example, if your slat actuator requires testing above and beyond that of the CMM we will instate this into our inspection and testing procedure for your component.

How can you guarantee your workmanship?

Skysmart is a collaboration of industry trained professionals with years of experience in the MRO market. We have approvals granted from the airworthiness authorities, who in turn monitor us for our levels of quality.  Safety is our number one concern at Skysmart and we will never knowingly compromise on it.

I have a selection of components that it is always difficult to find a shop for servicing, can you add these to your capability?

We have an engineering team that is constantly updating our capabilities to suit our customers needs.  Any requests are dealt with by examining the product in question to determine if we can potentially offer a service.  If we feel that we may be able to repair the component, it may depend on the volumes invloved against the cost to "tool up" but we guarantee to do our best to assist you with any requests.

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