Capability list


Brake temperature monitoring unit, elevator &aileron computer, flight control unit.


Switching and selector panels, Control panels, Displays, Computers, Pilot information and warning systems.


Actuators, Flight Controls, Valves, Cylinders, Manifolds, Modular Packages, Shut-off Valves, Pipes and Hoses.

Fire EX

Hand-held fire extinguishers, water fire extinguishers, Halon fire extinguishers.


Manometrics & pitot static, Served Electric, Synchro & angle position, Pressure, Arnica 429, Arnica 568, Gyroscopes


Ballast units, Telephone handsets, Motors, Passenger service units, Power supplies.


Coffee & Beverage Makers, Ovens & Oven Control Units, Water Boilers & Heaters, Faucets.


Captains seat, first officer seat, crew seat, 3rd occupant seat, actuators, arm rests. for Boeing and Airbus.


Nickle cadmium batteries, Emergency batteries.


Mechanical Uplocks, Undercarriage parts and accessories, Bearing removal and installation.

War Birds

Altimeter, RPM gauge, rate of climb, gyros, airspeed indicator.

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