Electrical repair

Our electrical shop utilises state of the art test stands and equipment to ensure fast and accurate fault finding. This reduses man hours charged and provides a reliable end product.

Our capabilities are always expanding and are primarily driven by you, the customer. Please contact us if you have a requirement and we will be pleased to work with you to meet these requirements.

Our capability types include, but are not limited to;

  • Ballast unit
  • Telephone handset
  • Motors
  • Passenger service units
  • Power supply
  • Battery charger units
  • Strobe lights
  • Navigational Lighting
  • Landing Lights

We can carry out the following functions within the Electrical workshop;

  • Test
  • Repair
  • Overhaul
  • Modifications
  • Service Bulletins (SB’s)
  • Airworthiness Directives (AD’s)

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