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To support our aviation heritage here in the UK, Skysmart runs a division dedicated to the repair and maintenance of vintage aircraft (or warbirds, as they are affectionately known).

We’re proud to work with the general aviation community to preserve war-era planes and return them to their military configurations where possible. From fixing manual cockpit instruments to servicing an aircraft’s avionics, we can assist with most warbird restoration and repair projects on behalf of private owners, clubs, and show organisers.

Aside from our work with commercial enterprises – which includes the in-house development of bespoke components in collaboration with airlines – we also provide extensive support to private flying clubs and owners of light aircraft. In fact, we have access to many RAF AP documents, which enables us to repair and maintain vintage aircraft instruments and old-school mechanical units.

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We have access to many RAF air publication (AP) documents that contain the information we need to keep these much-admired aircraft in our skies.

Specific capability types include (but are not limited to) altimeters, RPM gauges, rate of climb gyro instruments, and airspeed indicators.

Please get in touch with our team to discuss your warbird repair or restoration requirements in more detail.

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